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Not For Profit

The Karl La Due Wodakota Foundation

Earth Spirit Collective has been assisting in the operation of a 501c3 Non Profit Foundation in the USA since 2016. This Foundation is in the process of expanding its operations in 2019 to better serve and support indigenous nations.

World Peace

The Foundation supports and operates os the funding channel for the all nations, all faiths, one prayer World Peace and Prayer Day annual gathering.


This International gathering is an initiative to Honor Sacred Sites and bring unity across cultures for the healing of Mother Earth.


With over twenty years of offering a platform that promotes co-existence among all peoples and nations began with the prophesied birth of the first White Buffalo Calf.

Indigenous Youth Programs

The Foundation supports programs assisting troubled youth to re engage with family and community and create pathways of healing, learning, respect and responsibility.

These programs reconnect the native youth to their traditions and allows them to be vital and empowered to address the challenges of contemporary society in this time of cultural dilution, climate change and environmental crisis.


The foundation plans to create opportunities for the education of native youth in the area of advanced renewable technologies. This will entail the introduction of unique learning methodologies that initiate and inspire the youth to delve into their essential power and wisdom that is focused across multiple disciplines.


  This will support the Foundation financially in order to expand and enhance these most important programs.

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