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Andean Community

Remote Andean Community

Remote Andean Community

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Helping to support a remote Andean community school with donations for a decade in the high Andes of Peru in South America.

This project was born in 2007. After receiving so many blessings from the Peruvian people and learning about the Andean philosophy of Ayni (reciprocity), we decided our work needed a way of exchanging energetically with these generous and beautiful people.

In 2008 we were the first foreigners ever to visit this Andean community with the initiative to support the local school. This place is especially close to our hearts as we are Godparents to quite a few of the community's children.

At an altitude of 2700 m and with a population of approximately 500 people they are a community of beautiful people living in harmony with the earth. They dress traditionally in the beautiful, bright woven textiles of the Andes.

Usually our contributions allow the children to visit Machu Picchu which would otherwise be impossible. In 2013 we raised funds to supply new uniforms for the teachers as well. (The teachers generally wear modern clothing and asked us for tracksuit uniforms.)


In 2015, with the generous help of our retreat participants, we donated sun hats to the entire junior school of over 100 students. 


We have been supporting this school for the last ten years. We have achieved numerous donations through the generous contributions and fundraising efforts of our retreat participants and from retreat proceeds.

For a unique and deeper experience with the Andean people we have the pleasure of visiting a traditional community

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