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Three Worlds Titicaca

Wisdom Keepers Expedition

Amazon Jungle, Sacred Valley of the Inka & Lake Titicaca

Our Three Worlds Expedition is the complete journey through the sacred Three Worlds of Inka mythology.


It allows for an even deeper and more profound experience of traditional Peruvian medicine ways with authentic traditional Medicine People of the Amazon Jungle, the Sacred Valley of the Inka and the magnificent Lake Titicaca.

Earth Spirit Yoga is for those with discerning taste as we work with a highly respected authentic traditional native Amazonian Plant Doctor and with the Andean Q’ero Medicine People, descendants of the Inka.

This expedition gives you the opportunity to experience the powerful plant medicine, Ayahuasca, with the utmost safety and comfort while relaxing in a beautifully appointed luxurious jungle lodge deep in the Peruvian Amazon.

Then, we journey with the Q'ero through the Sacred Valley of the Inka for a week of heart opening and earth honouring rituals at their stunning sacred temples and sites.

For the final leg of this expedition the Q'ero, descendants of the Inka, will take us to their legendary birthplace, the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca. We will visit the amazing floating islands of Uros and the Island of the Moon, then travel on to the vibrant city of La Paz, Bolivia, one of the indigenous and cultural ‘strongholds’ of the Americas.

With over a decade of experience facilitating retreats and expeditions in South America, our success is due to the experienced and professional team at Earth Spirit Yoga and our commitment to working with only the best traditional Amazonian and Andean Medicine People and local guides.

This Expedition is specifically designed to allow us to move beyond what holds us back in our lives, to discover new and fresh insights revealing our full potential and to be guided to be more effective and vital in our world.


We encourage everyone to embrace their true selves and be part of the change that is needed here and now.


Join us for this most extraordinary of expeditions.


October 1st - 25th         24 Days     US$5550

Amazon Jungle - 9 Days    


9 nights luxury accommodation in jungle lodge

Twin or triple share

Private bathrooms

3 meals per day

Ayahuasca Plant Medicine

Integration & support sessions

Morning and afternoon yoga classes

Native guided jungle excursions

Sacred Valley of the Inka - 7 Days

6 nights in Sacred Valley Luxury hotel

I night fully equipped camping at beautiful mountain hot springs

Twin or triple share with private bathroom

Meals per day include breakfast & lunch

Visit stunning Inka Temples and Sacred Sites

Day Trip to Machu Picchu

Delicious fresh lunches served onsite 

Traditional Andean Despachos & Karpays offerings

Daily yoga classes 

Lake Titicaca - 7 Days 

4 nights accommodation in Lake Titicaca Luxury hotels, twin or triple share with private bathroom

1 night accommodation in Lake Titicaca Island hotel, twin or triple share with private bathroom

2 nights accommodation in La Paz Luxury hotel, twin or triple share with private bathroom.

Meals per day include breakfast & lunch

Traditional Andean Despacho & Karpay offerings

Daily yoga classes 

The Amazon Jungle

Our magical journey together begins in the Amazon jungle town of Puerto Maldonado.

From here we travel for two hours by motorised canoe up river to our jungle lodge while enjoying lunch on board.

After arrival we have time to relax and explore our surroundings before our evening gathering in which we focus on setting intentions to align our thoughts, ideas and expectations to create clarity and peace of mind.

During our jungle stay we focus on personal healing, guidance, insight, purpose and direction.


All Ayahuasca sessions are held under the safety and guidance of our authentic native Amazonian Plant Doctor.


We provide the opportunity for individual consultation with our Plant Doctor who will also speak to us about the medicine and various experiences in the world of Ayahuasca.

On the days following the plant medicine we will share together as a group to review our intentions and process our experiences.

Our accommodation is a beautiful and luxurious Amazonian lodge. This well organised and facilitated venue will cater to all our needs allowing us to relax and fully immerse ourselves in the transformative aspects of our stay.

Rooms are twin or triple share luxurious jungle bungalows each with a private bathroom. Also there are hammocks and various lounge areas.

We will also enjoy daily hatha yoga, meditation and deep yoga relaxation, relaxing mud baths, river swims, guided jungle walks and heavenly hammock naps while feasting on healthy local food and fresh Amazon fruit juices. 

The Sacred Valley of the Inka

After our time in the Amazon we fly to Cusco.

Our Cusco team will be waiting for us when we arrive and we will travel together in our private bus to the Sacred Valley of the Inka.

Along the way we will stop in the mountains to enjoy a delicious lunch prepared buy our own cook. After lunch we will continue to our beautiful Sacred Valley hotel to relax and then begin the next phase of our expedition with an opening gathering with Tanya, Gerard and our Q'ero Medicine People.

During our days in the Sacred Valley we will continue our focus within as we visit various sacred sites of the spiritual Inka and participate in the traditions of the Q’ero Medicine People.

We will guide you along with the support of our Peruvian team. We will be accompanied by two experienced local guides, a cook, a driver and two Q’ero Medicine People.


We will travel together in private transport as we explore these amazing medicine ways in this sacred land.


Of the many temples we visit we include Machu Picchu, now one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

There will also be the opportunity for personal healing with the Q’ero each evening.

We visit villages with fascinating local craft markets, shops and cafes with spectacular mountain and temple views.

One of the highlights of our October expedition is a journey to a remote Andean community. Here we are warmly welcomed by our beautiful Quechua family and treated to a cultural performance by the children and a traditional feast. Overnight, our unforgettable camping experience is high up in the Andes mountains at beautiful hot springs.

Here we experience the Traditions of the Q’ero as well as the opportunity to practice the Andean tradition of Ayni (reciprocity) through donations to the community school. 

Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine 

Ayahuasca is a traditional healing medicine from the Amazon Jungle. 


Working with an authentic traditional Plant Doctor, also referred to as a Medicine Person or Maestro, is essential for personal safety and protection and allows for a deep and powerful experience. 


It can be a very powerful experience of releasing, cleansing and healing. 

As this is achieved, a path is cleared for greater depth and insight into our personal worlds of opportunity and potential. 

This allows us to explore our own true nature and see the amazing possibilities that await us should we be courageous and determined enough to transform our lives.


We begin with thorough preparation and guidance and with our many years of experience in guiding people through these journeys you will feel safe, supported, informed and excited. You will be completely ready for this deep spiritual experience


Gerard and Tanya have journeyed with Ayahuasca countless times and their experience with Ayahuasca allows them to easily help guide others through these powerful journeys and later, to process their experiences to gain even deeper insights and awareness.


They facilitate discussion and integration sessions which are are invaluable during the powerful days of deep work together.

Traditional Andean Medicine Ways

The Medicine People of the Andean Q'ero community are known as Paqos and their traditions and medicine ways are performed to keep us in right relations with Pachamama, the Apus (Mountain Spirits), the Spirit world, the Stars and the whole Universe.


To experience these traditions in a powerful way with the Q'ero is to redefine and deepen our own relationship with Mother Earth and all the elements of our world through gratitude, humility and deep connection.

The Q’ero traditions include the Despacho and the Karpay rites. 


The Despacho ceremony connects us with all the elements of our world embodying our dreams, prayers, intentions and gratitude.


The Karpay rites are energetic transmissions connecting us to the lineage of the Q’ero and a doorway to sacred power and purpose. These are transformative transmissions of energy that inspirit us all to be potent Earth keepers.

Lake Titicaca

On the third leg of our journey we travel together in our private transportation to magnificent Lake Titicaca.

Lake Titicaca is the legendary birthplace of the Inka.

Here, we will continue and deepen our experience with the medicine ways of the Q'ero on the islands of the sacred lake at the ancient island temples to Pachamama (Mother Earth).

We will visit sacred sites, temples and portals of the spiritual Inka and pre-Inka both in Peru and Bolivia and stay overnight on the beautiful Island of the Sun taking part in a unique way of life virtually unchanged in hundreds of years.

Together we will have unforgettable experiences in this magical place.

We will continue our travels together with our Peruvian family (Our guide, Medicine People, cook and driver) as we explore these powerful sacred sites and beautiful islands. There will also be the opportunity for personal healing ceremonies with the Q’ero each evening.

We conclude our retreat with two nights in the stunning city of La Paz where we explore magical markets and intriguing city plazas and historic buildings. 

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