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Amazon & Three Worlds

Culturally Responsible Reciprocity Immersion

In the Amazon, the people tells us that ‘The World is as We Dream It’

They say that we are dreaming the wrong dream and our world is suffering.


At Earth Spirit Collective, we are dreaming and implementing new initiatives to enable change for the greater good of all. With our twenty years experience working with Amazon Plant Doctors and Mother Ayahuasca, we have received deep and powerful guidance that allows our initiatives to be more intune with Pachamama, Mother Earth.


Our Earth Spirit DreamTrek Amazon retreat is tailored to those dedicated to social impact, innovation and cultural and environmental protection and preservation, essentially change for the greater good. We feel that bringing the change makers of the world together to commune with the extraordinary wisdom of Mother Ayahuasca and Pachamama will guide and illuminate the actions necessary for the restoration and preservation of our world.


We invite you to work with our intentional groups as we commune with the natural elements, Pachamama and Mother Ayahuasca under the professional and skilled guidance of our dedicated traditional authentic Maestro, (Plant Doctor).


We have worked extensively with International spiritual leaders for twenty years and have supported and created many transforming projects to initialise positive change culturally, socially, environmentally and for many individuals seeking change.


We initiated the Culture Aware movement which helps educate the general public on cultural awareness. This is a multifaceted approach bringing the education to public spaces, through film, through children’s story books and through educational cultural centres.

Please contact us if you feel to experience DreamTrek. 

DreamTrek Amazon

2020 - 10 Days

May            1st to 10th.     10 Days     US$3150 OA

       Amazon Jungle    


10 nights luxury accommodation in jungle lodge

Twin or triple share

Private bathrooms

3 meals per day

Ayahuasca Plant Medicine

Integration & support sessions

Morning and afternoon yoga classes

Native guided jungle excursions

DreamTrek Three Worlds 

A Culturally Responsible Reciprocity Immersion

Investment - All proceeds support the Cultural Centre Restoration


2020 - 17 Days

May            1st to 17th.     17 Days      US$3950 OA


       Begins with DreamTrek Amazon for 10 days and continues to the 

       Sacred Valley of the Inka for 7 Days

7 nights accommodation at Sacred Valley community lodging

Twin or triple share with private or shared bathroom

3 delicious meals per day

Visit stunning Inka Temples and Sacred Sites

Visit local hot springs with local native guides. 

Four of the days there will be creative work projects depending on skill sets that will involve improvements to the Cultural Centre

Traditional Andean cultural experiences

Daily yoga and meditation classes 

The Amazon Jungle

a journey of healing and inner awareness

Our magical journey together begins in the Amazon jungle town of Puerto Maldonado.
From here we travel for two hours by motorised canoe up river to our jungle lodge while enjoying lunch on board.

After arrival we have time to relax and explore our surroundings before our evening gathering in which we focus on setting intentions to align our thoughts, ideas and expectations to create clarity and peace of mind.

During our jungle stay we focus on personal healing, guidance, insight, purpose and direction.

All Ayahuasca sessions are held under the safety and guidance of our authentic native Amazonian Plant Doctor.

We provide the opportunity for individual consultation with our Plant Doctor who will also speak to us about the medicine and various experiences in the world of Ayahuasca.

On the days following the plant medicine we will share together as a group to review our intentions and process our experiences.

Our accommodation is a beautiful and luxurious Amazonian lodge. This well organised and facilitated venue will cater to all our needs allowing us to relax and fully immerse ourselves in the transformative aspects of our stay.

Rooms are twin or triple share luxurious jungle bungalows each with a private bathroom. Also there are hammocks and various lounge areas.

We will also enjoy daily hatha yoga, meditation and deep yoga relaxation, relaxing mud baths, river swims, guided jungle walks and heavenly hammock naps while feasting on healthy local food and fresh Amazon fruit juices.

The Sacred Valley of the Inka

a journey of activation and cultural exchange

After our time in the Amazon we fly to Cusco.

Our Cusco team will be waiting for us when we arrive and we will travel together in our private bus to the community lodging in the Sacred Valley of the Inka.


Upon arrival there will be a traditional community welcome and a site tour.


Each of the weeks will include four working days, engaging in creative work projects that will involve improvements to this beautiful Centre.

We will also have two excursion days, visiting Inka temples, pre-Inka sites, local hot springs and villages with fascinating local craft markets, shops and cafes, and one full rest day.

These excursions will be led by a highly experienced local guide.


Every day there will be morning yoga and meditation, delicious meals together and cultural experiences with the community.

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