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"Everything just fell into place so amazingly! 

The Earth Spirit Yoga experience - all the amazing things that happened and people I met sunk in and

I felt so SO amazing!! 

The amount of gratitude I have from the trip is indescribable. 

I have never felt better in my life, taking such good care of myself and

have so much love and positive energy, it's truly amazing! 


I actually have a few groups of friends and family that want to hear about it (as they want to go!!) 

So you might have a whole group of people get in touch with you soon that are ready for next year ;)  



Bel - Sydney, Australia

Medicine Dream, May 2016


"Thank you so much for your care during the trip and providing us access to these 

incredible traditional legitimate powerful healers! 

And helping us all feel a deeper connection with both our planet and forces beyond the naked eye."


Lots of love

Phil - Sydney, Australia

Medicine Dream, May 2016


"The whole trip was truly amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it.


It was just exemplary and beyond what I could have wished for. The combined experience, wisdom and love of Gerard and Tanya and then the Maestros and guides just blew me away. The trip turned out to be so much more than simply a guided package holiday it was really as if we had been blessed and granted the experience to feel connection, love and the warmth of humanity all in one holiday! 


I really have felt the power and magic of the healing ceremonies during the trip and I am still being guided by what I felt and what I came to know and see about myself and life. In recognising my true nature and making a commitment to honouring it and to following the direction that it offers me I have decided to change paths in life and to go in new directions." 


Love and gratitude from Sydney

Joey - Sydney, Australia

Medicine Dream, May 2016


"Clearing an old illness, Chronic Fatigue. It obviously needed to show me the full extent of the symptoms before the Doctor could finally clear it from my system completely. Forever grateful!

You are both so pivotal in the journey to us, you kept us focused, calmed our egos and created a balance between worlds.

Thank you both for your spirit, your support, your patience and your friendship.

Forever grateful,"

Penny - Byron Bay, Australia

Deep Amazon, May 2015


"My time in the jungle was very much an unknown experience ahead of me. Vulnerable!

At all times I felt safe, supported and loved by Gerard and Tanya.

They created a calm, loving and peaceful atmosphere but one with great purpose.

To be with people who really honour humanity, nature, Pachamama is a privilege.

I am so very grateful to be part of one of their retreats.

I am in awe of their knowledge of the Three Worlds."

Melinda - Victoria, Australia

Three Worlds, May 2015


"This is the sort of retreat that you can't really label. On the practical side, Tanya, you're amazing, informative, patient, loving and understanding. Thank you for having "Clipboard Brain" whilst the rest of us can let go of all the left brain stuff and deeply transform.

And Gerard, so natural, relaxed, caring and entertaining to say the least! 

Thank you both for your wisdom, guidance and steadfast presence on this whirlwind or roller coaster transformative and emotional journey.


And Malucha, you're awesome little Dude! 

Machu Picchu will never be the same again! 

Thank you for sharing your big day out with us!!!


Ps. Thank you too for making my birthday such a remarkable one! Felt totally loved and spoilt with that very decadent and delicious cake in the middle of nowhere.. 

Or was it the centre of the universe?

With much love, gratitude and a heart filled with light,"

Leanne - Gold Coast, Australia

Three Worlds, May 2015


"The most amazing experience of my life, with the most beautiful people I've ever met!"

Sumer - Sydney, Australia

Deep Amazon, September 2014


"An Absolutely indefinable experience!"    

Latimah - Victoria, Australia

Three Worlds, September 2014


"The service from Earth Spirit Yoga was great – enjoyed myself so much 

Im coming back in 2015."

Chelsea - Sydney, Australia

Three Worlds, September 2014


"The ability to just 'be' was my favorite experience.  

To have moments to feel what it means to just exist amongst nature, with others and within self is extraordinarily humbling.  


One of the most powerful moments occurred within the mouth of a Carved Cave by the Ancients.  We climbed up the rocky steep hidden away temple.  We were told a creation story of the Gods, Taitanchis Karpay.  I felt the honor of being present and aware in front of such a portal.  I knew there was so much to learn about the 3 levels.  

Spirit was passing the limitations of the mind, we were cleansed and blessed.  I felt the connection, raised my arms automatically and knew the subtle energy was making a strong impact on our hearts. 

*To know instead of thinking, empowerment via connection, experienced trumps thinking!


Earth Spirit Yoga’s service encompasses leadership, nurturing and attention to detail qualities creating a true sense of community regardless of differences.  

To feel what co-existence is with people in nature has left an imprint which encourages replication!  

The groups are small and the dedication grandiose.  

The gratitude is forever lasting." 

Bilqis - NYC, USA

Three Worlds, September 2014


"The ceremonies were very powerful and spiritual; although intense at times, 

the feeling of healing and wholeness is wonderful.


Thank you for helping to heal my family. 

Words cannot express my gratitude!


Lisa - Melbourne, Australia

Three Worlds, May 2014


"The ayahuasca ceremonies were the height of the trip for me. AMAZING!

Being the Jaguar and one with everything for the entire ceremony. 

In our art there is the concept of reflex mind where you become chi. 

Experiencing this with the intensity I did is truly what mastery is about.

Most people would not achieve this in a lifetime of training.

Earth Spirit Yoga is AWESOME! 

Could not think about taking this journey with anyone else!!!"

Frank - Sydney, Australia

Deep Amazon, May 2014


"The whole time was amazing. I enjoyed every moment

I cleared a lot of pain from my body and past and feel overall more fulfilled and content within myself.

I have done the healing I came here to do.

Was very relaxing and the food was great. All staff are so helpful and such hard workers. I will be recommending this retreat to friends and family. I may even be back again myself."

Jaya - Byron Bay, Australia

Deep Amazon, May 2014


"Having such an open and caring environment to truly be yourself. For a group of complete strangers to come together and share so much without any judgement and with so much love and compassion for one another is truly (insert fancy word here)

Finding purpose and meaning in life and developing friendships with some of the most inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Through the stories and the strength these people have shared with me I now feel I have the strength to live the life I was meant to live and have a positive impact on the world."

Luke - Byron Bay, Australia

Deep Amazon, May 2014


"Tanya is an amazing lady. 

The Ayahuasca, yoga and going into the jungle with such a remarkable guide was fabulous

I hope to bring my daughter back at a later date for healing, yoga and meditation and learning about the herbs."

Beverley - NSW, Australia

Three Worlds, May 2014


"Wow, how I would love to go back and I know I will... just not this year.

A close friend of ours is intending to contact you about your amazon retreat, she is an amazing lady who will benefit immensely from the plant medicine and the experience of one of your retreats. 

The nurturing protective guidance and the energy that you hold has to be experienced to be believed, for you are genuine facilitators of healers and healings.

I was so priviliged to have been on a journey with you Tanya and Gerard and can not speak higher of you both."

Jiuliana - Victoria, Australia

Three Worlds, April 2013


"It is a privilege and blessing to have been on retreat with Earth Spirit Yoga in Peru five times, going on six.  Tanya and Gerard hold a beautiful space with respect and humility for the sacred medicines of Peru and the incredible Shamans who heal and bless us.  

These yearly pilgrimages have had a profound effect on my life. 

  I have experienced deep healing on every trip, helping me shed a lifetime of grief and suffering.  The release of such burdens has helped me open up, I am returning to my true nature with the assistance of the medicine peoples of Peru.  Words cannot justify the incredible gratitude I hold to be privy to such healing.

To Tanya and Gerard I hold eternal gratitude for making this magic available to me and supporting me through my journey from darkness to light.

Cannot wait to return this May 2014, it is like going home.

Big Love - see you both May xx"

Jose - Sydney, Australia

Deep Amazon, September 2013


"Showed me a new world that I had no idea of.

Opened my eyes and mind to so many beautiful powerful things.

Loved being part of the Earth Spirit Yoga family. 

Deep connection with Pachamama was my most powerful experience. 

Will be coming again next year."

David - Victoria, Australia

Deep Amazon, September 2013


"The retreat was absolutely life changing on all levels

The service was outstanding. The fellow travelers were great. 

Gerard and Tanya are the most amazing, humble life teachers that I have ever met. 

The guides and Shamans were beautiful waykis (brothers) with amazing huge open hearts. 

This experience exceeded my expectations on all levels

We can’t wait to come and join you again."

Dale - Victoria, Australia

Three Worlds, April 2013


"A joyous, enlightening, healing adventure that will always be unforgettable & 

one of my greatest experiences ever."

Dani - Victoria, Australia

Deep Amazon, April 2013


"There has been so much publicity about Ayahuasca lately, which I have been avoiding the "commercial" content, and rather revisiting the experiences of my own. Wow, how I would love to go back and I know I will... just not this year.

In Happiness & Good Health,"

Charlie - Victoria, Australia

Three Worlds, September 2012


"Its been an amazing journey since my return home, let alone my experiences in Peru. My reflections & meditations have only begun to touch the surface of the depth of changes within that I have experienced & continue to experience along with all the shifts of energies! 

I am so grateful for you both & the supports that were provided!

With love light & spirit to you both, along with intense gratitude."

Brigitte - Victoria, Australia

Three Worlds, September 2012


"Enjoyed every excursion, 

seeing Inka temples made special with the Qero ceremonies. 

Visiting Machu Picchu was the cherry on top of one glorious cake!"  

Jose - Sydney, Australia

Three Worlds, September 2010


“I needed courage to take this trip to the Amazon and the Andes, to drink the medicine of the Ayahuasca vine, to trek up to the top of the world to experience strange ceremonies with bells, smoke and condor feathers, all in the hope that I will be blessed with better health at the end of the journey. 

I am happy to report that I feel lighter and much more at peace.


From purging into the sandy banks of the Amazon to having my spirits soar in the Andes, I smile softly with happiness and feel a lightness of being I haven’t felt for a very long time.


We also visited a community village, high up in the Andes, carved into the mountains that overlooked the sacred valley.  We camped overnight and we had the most stunning view out of all the hotels we stayed in!

This was a great honour to be welcomed into their village and it was the first time the community had westerners stay with them.


In exchange for their hospitality, we had made donations and bought food that they wouldn’t normally have, and the next day we packaged it up and handed out little bags of goodies!  They were most grateful and accepted our gifts with a shy smile and a warm hug.


I was inspired by the joy and humility of these people and most grateful for the opportunity to experience such generosity of spirit throughout the whole journey.


To all I came into contact with, the friends I made in our group, Tanya and Gerardo who made it all happen and who looked after us.  The tour guide, cook and bus driver, our shamans and the presence of the spirits and Pachamama….. they all cared for us and made our dreams come true…….. Thank you!”

Jo - Sydney, Australia

Three Worlds, July 2009


“When I think about the trip to Peru, what comes to mind is the awesome power of the land I discovered, the magic of the rituals I had the chance to attend, and the wonderful atmosphere created in the group through your caring, gentle, lighthearted and grounded presence; 

I took back with me a renewed sense of spiritual connection with Life, so thank you very much, Tanya and the Earth Spirit Yoga team ."

Genevieve - Sydney, Australia

Three Worlds, July 2009


“Thank you for being the wonderful hosts that you have been on this amazing journey. I’ve had one of the most profound experiences in my life and I’m very grateful I got to experience and share that with you and your comforting guidance. I admire both of you and your approach and perspective on life. I feel I have grown years in only weeks and it’s thanks to you both, the beautiful friends I have made and shared this experience with, the brilliant three comforting shamans and especially myself.’

Thank you for the experience.”

Billy - Melbourne, Australia

Medicine Dream, July 2008


“Thank you Tanya for such a very special experience. Meeting the villagers and the shaman ceremonies were absolutely amazing and powerful transformative experiences.

It was a pleasure to spend time with all the beautiful people in the group and with yourself and Gerardo. 

Thank you. Namaste.”

Rachel - Melbourne, Australia

Medicine Dream, July 2008


“After numerous attempts of brainstorming and trying to put pen to paper I have come to the conclusion the English language is incapable of doing justice to expressing the gratitude I have towards Tanya, the Amazon Plant Doctor and the Mother of All."

Rick - Victoria, Australia

Medicine Dream, August 2007


“This is about my recent trip to the Amazon south in Peru. It was part of a 2 week venture which I was fortunate to have the opportunity to experience such beauty on earth and a chance to re-connect with my soul. It was part of the 7 day sacred Yoga retreat in the Peruvian Amazon and it goes without saying that my pictures cannot do justice in reproducing the beauty I have witnessed. I would like to share with you an experience from one of the ceremonies I actively participated in. The ceremony consists of a healing plant medicine used to induce extraordinary and profound vision by which the soul is reconnected and lessons in life are discovered. We took part in an ancient South American traditional ceremony used for healing and connecting with the core of ones self. 

Imagine this;  
Surrounded by this amazing jungle, wildlife, over 500 species of birds singing, monkeys roaring, insects breathing, 10 of us in a circle and one Shaman conducting this magical event. We begin by drinking a natural plant medicine known as Ayahuasca (spirit vine) which is prepared as a brew macerated in the form of thick dark brown liquid. So we drink while the Shaman prepares his tobacco pipe to then blow smoke around the room and on himself to warn off dark spirits or negative energy. And then it starts...the door to unconsciousness is open and amazingly everything you see and feel is as real and memorable as any other experience in your life. The ayahuasca is known to induce extraordinary and profound visions & I once heard someone say that it was like seeing your life's landscape, seeing your thoughts manifest before you to shape the direction of your life and all that has resulted from your thoughts – I can agree. The beauty is celestial as you enter a dimension where time and space do not exist and begin to understand important messages that will guide you in your life’s journey and see visions of spirit and energy transfer in the most amazing way imaginable. Your senses are magnified 1000 times and you can hear the jungle speaking and all the animals communicating in such perfect harmony.  

I had absolutely no concept of how divine this experience is. Ever since my first retreat in 2007 I have been drawn back to the jungle again and have been blessed with a guide and inspiration that will continue to evolve in my work in this life. 

I would like to thank Tanya and Gerardo for sharing their wisdom and knowledge of the secrets of the earth. I am grateful to have such true & wonderful mentors in my life.“

Steve - Melbourne, Australia

Medicine Dream, August 2007


"I have been sitting with gratitude with the impact of the journey shared.


In reflection of an immense journey that began from the moment I made the decision to participate. 

The preparation was divinely orchestrated within every aspect of my life and being.

The journey itself was perfect in every way, even leaving my identity behind! 

Trusting in each moment, in witness, opening to possibilities that surpass the self. 


I have reflected on what was my favourite experience.... It is how each day opened to new depth, and just when I thought that the experience of one day was so incredible and complete, it would expand even further with the next.


It was the overall experience that I loved. I thought it was going to be all about the amazon and the ayahuasca, but it was and yet more than could be defined. 


Each day, presence with dedication and intent, and sharing this as group, and especially being held by the authentic Shamans. 

Coupled with the majesty and power of the land and specially selected sacred sites, it was 24 days of consistent reverence which filled me up beyond definition.


A Powerful Experience:


To express a powerful experience is challenging twofold: Firstly as I found each day a powerful experience. And secondly, the experiences were profound and how do words truly hold in sacred form such expression. 


Considering the accumulative effects of the unfolding power, I share the last day. 


Stripped away gradually of so much, in vulnerability, we journeyed in high altitude to the three lakes at the base of the glacial mountains. 

The morning in the hot mineral springs, the journey on the horses, the group members, guides, and Shamans. 

Song, flute, challenge, humility. And bathing in such profound beauty. Such reverence.


The final ceremony, aligning with and initiating Shamanic energies, with simplicity and tradition, pure intent admist expansive horizons. 

Significance that awakened the reflection of Self in full ownership. 


On the way back, I was moved to get off the horse, and leave the track. I nestled into a circle of stones, as a change in weather approached, and gently fell into meditation. The experience was wordless. And within the injustice of words, I attempt to express.... 


The heart opening, of taken into the heart of the mountain, Apu Ausangate. 

Such deep love, all embracing unity. From the Mountain, to Pachamama, to Unity and Self. Father and Daughter. Mother and Son. Male and Female. Spirit and Earth. Relationship of devotion at all levels. 

A State of Being that evoked endless deep tears of presence


I was there as long as I was, and when I came back, the guides were quietly waiting in the distance. I approached them with tears streaming down my face and they embraced me, simply asking 'are they tears of happiness or sadness?' I responded 'I was taken into the heart of the mountain.' They were truly happy for the blessing and in recognition, they lovingly held me, the snow fell gently upon us. 

I was not quite ready to return, and they left me as I spent time by a waterfall integrating the experience, knowing all was perfect. It was a unforgettable path back.


I returned to the community, and shared the love, by honoring Maria, one of the beautiful elder women who wove such magic in her cloths. 

Together Nettya and I massaged her and sang to her spirit in gratitude. She accepted our devotion with humble need and gratitude. So beautiful to share.


The deep connecting continued with the two shamans Sebastian and Juan giving myself and Nettya a simultaneous healing by candlelight. 

A perfect and profound conclusion.

I was 'filled up' just like a balloon. A healing beyond all healings. 

Speechless, I quietly sobbed myself to sleep, so deeply expanded, and knowing the journey was complete. It was time to journey home. I was home. My identity restored.



Wow, Earth Spirit Yoga  did a brilliant job. A flow of gentle awareness, with powerful potential. Choice for each to find their truth in their own way, in their own time.

It was wonderful to witness each group member growing through the shared experience. 


And as dear friends over such a long time, to quietly rejoice in your choices of dedication and purpose. 


I am enjoying the continual process of integration of the impact of the plant medicine and sacred ceremonies, and the potency of intention as daily practice. 

This is the essence that is the constant thread in my days. 

I am humbled by what was illuminated, in the celebration of embodiment of Truth, and initiated with pure intent and purpose.

Absolute gift. 

Thank you. 



Latimah - Victoria, Australia

Three Worlds, September 2014


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