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Earth Spirit Yoga

Three Worlds Ausangate  Expedition

Three Worlds Ausangate Expedition

Amazon Jungle, The Sacred Valley of the Inka and  Ausangate Mountain


Our Three Worlds Expedition is the complete journey through the sacred Three Worlds of Inka mythology.


It allows for an even deeper and more profound experience of traditional Peruvian medicine ways with authentic traditional Medicine People of the Amazon Jungle, The Sacred Valley of the Inka and the Majestic Ausangate Mountain.


​Earth Spirit Yoga is for those with discerning taste as we work with a highly respected authentic traditional native Amazonian Plant Doctor and with the Andean Q’ero Medicine People, the descendants of the Inka.


This expedition gives you the opportunity to experience the powerful plant medicine, Ayahuasca, with the utmost safety and comfort while relaxing in a beautifully appointed luxurious jungle lodge deep in the Peruvian Amazon.​Then, we journey with the Q'ero through the Sacred Valley of the Inka for a week of heart opening and earth honouring rituals at their stunning sacred temples and sites. ​Finally, we travel to a traditional community at the base of Ausangate Mountain, sacred to all Andean people and the spiritual guardian of the Citadel of Qosqo (Cusco).​


The Q’ero will take us on a high altitude journey through magnificent valleys and over extraordinary ridges and passes on horseback to their powerful places of initiation and insight.​We soak in natural hot springs under a brilliant star filled sky while in the presence of the stunning glacial mountains.​


With over a decade of experience facilitating retreats and expeditions in South America, our success is due to the experienced and professional team at Earth Spirit Yoga and our commitment to working with only the best traditional Amazonian and Andean Medicine People and local guides.​


This Expedition is specifically designed to allow us to move beyond what holds us back in our lives, to discover new and fresh insights revealing our full potential and to be guided to be more effective and vital in our world.


We encourage everyone to embrace their true selves and be part of the change that is needed here and now.Join us for this most extraordinary of expeditions.

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