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Earth Spirit Yoga

Deep Amazon Wisdom Keepers Retreat

Deep Amazon Wisdom Keepers Retreat

Amazon Jungle                                                         


Experience the wild power of the Amazon Jungle and the transformative sacred healing plant medicine of Ayahuasca. 

 Earth Spirit Yoga is for those with discerning taste as we work with a highly respected authentic traditional native Amazonian Plant Doctor.

With over a decade of experience facilitating retreats and expeditions in South America and two decades of experience working with traditional Amazonian Plant Doctors, our success is due to the experienced and professional team at Earth Spirit Yoga and our commitment to working with only the best traditional Amazonian Plant Doctors and guides.


This retreat gives everyone the opportunity to experience this powerful plant medicine with the utmost safety and comfort while relaxing in a beautifully appointed luxurious jungle lodge deep in the Peruvian Amazon.


Redefine your life, wellbeing, relationships, career and overall happiness and see why so many participants return again and again!

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