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Cultural, Innovation & Wellness Centre

Earth Spirit Collective is collaborating with a traditional community in the Sacred Valley of Peru, South America. 


Beginning in 2019, Earth Spirit Collective, in collaboration with this community, will start the process of creating a Cultural, Innovation & Wellness Centre. This collaboration will develop a beautiful and stunning facility in a truly extraordinary location to provide a rewarding end engaging immersive experience. 


It is planned for the centre to host international gatherings and conferences for native elders and spiritual leaders, social impact and innovation groups, cultural exchange programs and immersive retreats. The centre will remain under community ownership rather than being foreign owned and all events will be welcomed by the local community.


Earth Spirit Collective is offering the opportunity to help make this wonderful project become a reality by contributing time and energy with the community to rejuvenate the classic Spanish Hacienda that resides within the community grounds. 


Earth Spirit Collective is facilitating a an immersive and meaningful retreat that allows participants to experience the depth of wisdom retained by the local Peruvian medicine traditions and explore the beauty of the Sacred Valley and Inka temples while giving back to the community by contributing to this vital and empowering international project that will benefit many nations and communities.


These retreats offer a unique opportunity to contribute to a local Peruvian community project that will have an impact globally. 

Contact us for more information if this is of interest to you or view our Three Worlds Retreat page to register.

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