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Fri, 14 June


23 Days. May 2019, US$4050

Three Worlds 23 Days (1)

Our Three Worlds Retreat is the complete journey through the sacred Three Worlds of Inka mythology. It allows for an even deeper and profound experience of Peruvian medicine ways with authentic traditional Medicine People of the Amazon Jungle and the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Registration is temporarily Closed. Contact us for more information.
Thank you for your interest!
Three Worlds 23 Days (1)
Three Worlds 23 Days (1)

Time & Location

14 June 2019, 7:00 am – 11:00 am

23 Days. May 2019, US$4050

About the event

Our Three Worlds Retreat is the complete journey through the sacred Three Worlds of Inka mythology. It allows for an even deeper and more profound experience of traditional Peruvian medicine ways with authentic traditional Medicine People of the Amazon Jungle and the Sacred Valley of the Inka. Earth Spirit Yoga is for those with discerning taste as we work with a highly respected authentic traditional native Amazonian Plant Doctor and with the Andean Medicine People, descendants of the Inka.

Please read the Terms and Conditions.


No reservation is confirmed until the applicable deposit, Registration, Terms, Conditions & Participant Responsibilities and Liability Release Agreement are received by Earth Spirit Yoga.

The balance for the May retreat is due no later than March 3rd 2019


All reservations and cancellations are accepted in writing only.

The full amount paid will be refunded if a cancellation is within 30 days of departure. 50% of the amount paid will be refunded for cancellations made after this time. In the case of cancellation by Earth Spirit Yoga at any time prior to the retreat, 100% of all payments are refundable. Note Earth Spirit Yoga is not liable for any additional expenses incurred if the retreat is cancelled (see insurance below).

Earth Spirit Yoga and its associates in Peru reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary if necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, for the safety and comfort of all participants or if need be, to cancel the trip at any time. If we cancel the trip, Earth Spirit Yoga and its affiliates shall have no responsibility beyond the refund of money paid by the participant.


NOT PROVIDED AS PART OF TRIP. IT IS RECOMMENDED that participants purchase travel and cancellation insurance. Please arrange this through your local insurance agent. Since Earth Spirit Yoga is unable to reimburse payments, other than as indicated above, insurance may provide invaluable protection in case you need to cancel for any reason. This should also provide cover if the retreat is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.


Incidental food and beverages bought on the road or at non-meal times, any extra medicines personally prescribed by our jungle shaman, gratuities offered to guides and medicine people, airfares arriving to the retreat destinations, airport taxes, expenses incurred because participants missed flights, etc.


Participants must have a current Passport, which is valid for at least six months following your return and a photocopy of the page in your passport with your photograph. It is recommended that you carry an extra copy of this passport photocopy someplace other than with your passport, in case you lose your passport. A visa may be required for participants of some nationalities. Please consult your national authorities.


Earth Spirit Yoga cannot recommend any vaccinations or medications for you to take. Please consult your own health care professional regarding this matter.


The tap water anywhere in Peru contains different bacteria than the water in Australia or the United States. Our bodies are not accustomed to this. Drinking the water can make you sick. Please drink and brush your teeth with only bottled water (that you have broken the seal of.) Don’t forget to avoid ice with your drinks (even on the plane in and out of the country).


You should be fully aware of the risks involved with the retreat or expedition (see the release form). As a participant, you must take responsibility for your own actions and decisions. Everything during the retreat or expedition is optional and you may choose not to participate in any aspect of it. Please consider each activity carefully and recognise the risks involved as well as your own personal responsibility for the consequences.


Please bring only backpacks or soft travel bags (as well as your handbag or hand luggage). Hard suitcases will be difficult to manage in transit.


The currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol. You will need cash in either Soles or US dollars for incidental purchases.

Please notify your bank prior to your departure if you are planning to use your ATM card in Peru.

We recommend using ATM machines either with your usual ATM card or with a Travel Money Card.

We don't recommend bringing cash that you need to exchange into Peruvian Soles or US dollars as there are not many opportunities to exchange en route.


Single rooms are available upon request at an extra cost.

Important Travel Information


Please organise your own international flight and internal flights in Peru. We ask that all participants book on the selected group flights within Peru. We use LATAM for all flights as the other airlines can be unreliable.

The retreat concludes on the morning of May 26.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time for taxi travel from your hotel if necessary.

As some flights from Australia arrive in Lima or Cusco quite late in the day you may need to arrive in Peru at least one day prior to retreat commencement. (See suggested accommodation in Lima and Cusco)

Our travel agent has all our retreat details and can organise your whole itinerary. You will need to let him know that you are part of the Earth Spirit Yoga Three Worlds Retreat.

Please note – LATAM often make changes to flight times. Please make sure you have the correct dates and flight numbers.


Please allow plenty of time for checking in and boarding your flights. Connecting with the group later may be difficult and expensive.


If for any reason, your flight is delayed and you are unable to connect with the group at the designated time (including weather and other airline delays) or make your connecting flight any and all expenses incurred by you to connect later with the group are the sole responsibility of the participant. Likewise any additional expenses incurred by Earth Spirit Yoga or the Amazon lodge to accommodate such delays are also the responsibility of the participant. (i.e. sending a separate bus/boat to pick you up after the group has departed for/from the lodge.)


Each participant must take responsibility for his or her own actions during the retreat. Earth Spirit Yoga can only make suggestions and recommendations. Please read these recommendations carefully prior to joining the retreat or expedition.

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