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Earth Spirit Collective

The proceeds from

Earth Spirit Collective

Wisdom Keepers Retreats help support our

Projects & Affiliations.

Cultural Traditional Immersion & Sustainable Advanced Technologies 

Earth Spirit Collective is  providing the opportunity for participants to give back directly to the people of Peru for all they receive, through volunteer work within an Andean Community.

We support the International gathering of All Nations & All Faiths together in respect and honour for One Prayer each year to Honour Sacred Sites at World Peace and Prayer Day, June 21st.

Earth Spirit Collective is involved in helping to bring the construction of necessary buildings required for cultural immersion and education in renewable technologies to Native Youth.

Earth Spirit Collective is actively involved in the development of  advanced renewable technologies. 

Earth Spirit Collective is supporting Native Youth Cultural Immersion and Renewable Technology Education via a US Non Profit  

specifically designed for this purpose.

Earth Spirit Yoga is helping to develop Cultural 

Awareness education

 through multimedia and programs.

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